We have Astrazeneca und biontech en mass... just send ur friends and Collegues or whoever over... we also accept people without insurance... Doesn't matter if 1st or 2nd shot. If u want to switch to biontech or stay with astrazeneca for the 2nd shot. Just come without appointment. 1 hour before Feierabend each day the latest. Get vaccinated and stop the delta mutation. Stop the next wave!!! And next lockdown!! NO VACCINATIONS MONDAY MORNING. START FROM MONDAY 4PM. VACCINATION DAY TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY FROM 9AM. (We are pleased to help homeless people, left winged people, poor people, refugees, people living in Berlin but just not able to get/pay insurance. The registration process is nerve killing and exhausting. We wished we could helping the world and people for free like last 3 months. But it's just so exhausting if u don't have readable insurance card and registration have to be tipped by hand.)
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